Okay, so as a third year Film and Media student I find myself watching a lot of films. A whole lot. And because my course demands it I also have to read, analyse and dissect everything there is to do with film and it’s impact. That’s all well and good but I find my passion is better used to write more freely rather than be limited to 3000 word essays on a often rather specific or overly complex question I lack interest in.

That’s where this blog comes in. It’s a place I can write about what I want and when I want. I plan on writing mainly personal reviews on whatever I happen to be watching, old or new. Maybe even write a few pieces on upcoming movies, or specific contributors to film I have a particular interest in.

Follow my twitter account @FilmCrawler for post updates, or my personal account @Krullceratops (but I generally only tweet about football, or stupid stuff my flatmates do there :/)